The Power of Breath

Breathe in,

We all do this thousands of times a day, and mostly unconsciously. Something so essential, so basic, so simple is yet EXTREMELY important! The breath is central to all aspects of your life, and with mastery (yes it is a skill like anything else) you will see HUGE transformations in your life in positive directions. With control of the breath you are able to enter into your heart completely and be in a state of true unconditional love. It is also a huge factor in meditation and yoga? Why is this? Well when you breathe you allow prana to enter your body and fill you up with what is essential to life and being one with the universe. Most of us live in a state of breathing happens automatically, no need to think about it and move on. With this, most of us just breathe into our necks and this is wrong. You want to focus on breathing deep into your body, imagine filling up the bottom of your lungs or below the stomach. If you focus breathing completely to fill these spaces up you are bringing more prana into your life and connecting with the universe at an even greater level. This is why the breath is so important in yoga, meditation, and countless other spiritual practices.

  • Slow down, breathing is about enjoying life, its not a race
  • Focus on controlling your breath and bringing it into the core of your body (you can put a hand above your beltline if you want, this can help you focus on where to bring the air to)
  • Breathe in deeply and consistently for 5 seconds (you can do less or more, with practice you should be able to increase this number)
  • Breathe out deeply and consistently for 5 seconds (or an equal amount of time to your inhale)
  • Focus on doing this as much as possible, before bed, in class, your walk home, there really is no limit, you are just breathing properly.
  • With enough practice and consistency, this will become second nature so you don’t have to consciously remember to breathe properly, give it time and practice, it will come
  • Remember, this is about reconnecting with your core self, this is MUCH easier with good breathing habits, and with practice I’m positive you will find focusing your breath will help you in ways you didn’t even think possible

Hope this helps, remember we are all One!

One Peace, One Love



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