Pro Tips

Following Earth Hour yesterday here are some pro tips to help yourself and our lovely planet!

  • Unplug all chargers when done, if you’ve ever heard the screeching sound they make then you know that they are drawing unneeded electricity as the device is full or nothing is connected
  • Turn off your wifi/modem/router and devices at night/when you aren’t home (either shut them down or airplane mode, cellphones, ipods, etc) You will sleep better and not be negatively affected by them, if you want to go one step further get some Orgonite! That site is a little old and neglected but it provides a good starting place, also check out Spirit Science 13!
  • Do environmentally friendly things such as walk, run, take public transit, buy local, compost, recycle, educate, talk about issues, etc!

Just some short and sweet advice

One Peace, One Love


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