My collection of Orgonite and most of my crystals

My collection of Orgonite and most of my crystals


Have you had a chance to watch all the spirit science videos yet? Did you watch the 13th one? A great episode that explains crystals and touches on orgonite! Well after waiting since Nov 22 (the day I first ordered orgonite and it never showing up) The second time I ordered came on monday! I’ve been wanting to post about this all week but wanted to give it some more time to fully experience it and let me say WOW! If you’ve ever thought that all the frequencies we are subjected too aren’t doing good for the body (wifi, cell phones, satellites  microwaves, radio, etc) then you need to get and gift some orgonite! It is brilliant and I can’t tell you enough, you need to get some and try it yourself, it really does work. I’ve had a great week carrying it around with me and things are only getting better! I’m even in the planning stages of starting to make my own! Which I’m very excited for as it is a brilliant way to help the planet

Places I put my orgonite

  • On top of my fridge
  • On top of my wifi router
  • On top of my water lines
  • in the corners of my place
  • in my pocket
  • In my backpack
  • near my cell phone

Its great! and you really can put it anywhere that feels right and that it needs a boost of positive energy!

There are many places you can get them on the internet, you can even make your own. If you are wondering where I got mine, from here (PS I recommend this seller, it was a different one the first time I ordered and had issues)

One Peace, One Love


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