The Time Is Now

Good day ones 🙂

I hope everyone has been experiencing synchronicities more and more each day, I sure have. Just remember to breathe and be in the present moment, they happen more than you notice! Ones around the world are waking up to the coming times, we are going to come to a point where we have to make difficult decisions, but I hope to inspire you when that time comes to choose the simplest solution, Love. I know for a fact that humanity can unite, we are one species, one planet, WE ARE ONE. When every individual makes that realization for themselves, we will truly ascend to a better way of being. I can envision it now, can you? There are many out there who wish to promote fear and war and destruction. Stand up and don’t give in, fear is a construct meant to derail you from the true path, and that is the one within our Hearts. Follow your Heart. Follow Love. I Love this planet, and every child born on it. Love conquers all. We as a species have been doing things the wrong way for so long. We pollute our home, we make it so few succeed and many fail. There is more than enough on this planet for everyone to have more than enough to live off of. However we are too caught up in the economic game to realize that we have the power to fix the imbalances in our world. To fix social structures so every person has access to education, healthcare, and other facilities many in the world take for granted. We need to fix our environment, we are killing the planet with all the chemicals we use. We must change our ways and go as close to organic as possible, nature has a lot to teach us and we must embrace nature as a NECESSITY for life. We’ve all seen the various media (games, movies, etc.) where the world is post apocalyptic nuclear war. Life DOES NOT THRIVE under such conditions. We kill the planet, we kill ourselves. We must go back to nature, and reinvent our society to accommodate this. It is possible to get close to 100% recyclability, we just have to WANT TO. I know this change is possible, and I know you know it is to. Just project the better possibilities in every aspect of your life, we are the creators, and we must create a better way. It is possible, just be open to the light.

One Peace, One Love, Always


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