Just Breath!

Its seriously awesome! Do As One also has had a lot of people on lately, lets keep rising it! Want to know how awesome breathing is? Read this short story!

Do As One Universal Breathing Room

One Peace, One Love!


The Quiet Place Project

The Quiet Place Project

Just take 30 seconds out of your day, and hold space. Go to a quiet place and breathe, I promise you will greatly benefit from it 🙂

The Time Is Now

Good day ones 🙂

I hope everyone has been experiencing synchronicities more and more each day, I sure have. Just remember to breathe and be in the present moment, they happen more than you notice! Ones around the world are waking up to the coming times, we are going to come to a point where we have to make difficult decisions, but I hope to inspire you when that time comes to choose the simplest solution, Love. I know for a fact that humanity can unite, we are one species, one planet, WE ARE ONE. When every individual makes that realization for themselves, we will truly ascend to a better way of being. I can envision it now, can you? There are many out there who wish to promote fear and war and destruction. Stand up and don’t give in, fear is a construct meant to derail you from the true path, and that is the one within our Hearts. Follow your Heart. Follow Love. I Love this planet, and every child born on it. Love conquers all. We as a species have been doing things the wrong way for so long. We pollute our home, we make it so few succeed and many fail. There is more than enough on this planet for everyone to have more than enough to live off of. However we are too caught up in the economic game to realize that we have the power to fix the imbalances in our world. To fix social structures so every person has access to education, healthcare, and other facilities many in the world take for granted. We need to fix our environment, we are killing the planet with all the chemicals we use. We must change our ways and go as close to organic as possible, nature has a lot to teach us and we must embrace nature as a NECESSITY for life. We’ve all seen the various media (games, movies, etc.) where the world is post apocalyptic nuclear war. Life DOES NOT THRIVE under such conditions. We kill the planet, we kill ourselves. We must go back to nature, and reinvent our society to accommodate this. It is possible to get close to 100% recyclability, we just have to WANT TO. I know this change is possible, and I know you know it is to. Just project the better possibilities in every aspect of your life, we are the creators, and we must create a better way. It is possible, just be open to the light.

One Peace, One Love, Always


Less than 10 hours!

Good Day Ones 🙂

I can tell already that this is going to be a synchronistic day! I’m sorry for the lack of a Sacred Geometry yesterday and I promise there will be extra for after Earth Hour so be sure to check back in! What do you plan to do during Earth Hour? do something meaningful for our planet! Make some art, read, meditate, love, write, make sacred geometry with a compass and straight edge, enjoy looking at crystals under candlelight, breathe, go to your heart, anything really!

Remember to live in the now and breathe!

Spread the word through Social Media! Power of people







One Peace, One Love


A MUST READ! – Simultaneum

Following todays breath posts, I give you one last post about the breath today.

As you know I’ve recently found Do As One and LOVE it. It is a great site and I hope you go on daily and spread the word as well. While browsing through their website I found they had written an ebook about the breath called Simultaneum. This short 15 page pdf is fantastic and I HIGHLY recommend you read it in one sitting. I was on Do As One’s universal breathing room while doing it. Afterwards I feel enlightened, and ready to create good things and better this world, one breath at a time.

I can’t afford financially to donate to them right yet but with a quick search of google I found what I was looking for.

I encourage you to do as one, and then read this short book in one sitting. If there is one thing you can do today to better yourself, this is it!

Do As One Universal Breathing Room


So sit back, breath, read, enjoy, then share!

One Peace, One Love!


The flow of energy…

The flow of energy through the body temple is always governed by the breath. We are energetic beings and therefore the way energy flows in the body is of the utmost importance to us, whether we know it or not – Rabia Hayek

Do As One

Doing a follow up on the breath, its important!


How are you doing today? How has your breathing exercises been going? I’ve been finding the more and more I practice my breathing, the easier it is to get into a meditative higher state, even when doing regular things like the dishes. But I thought I would share this AWESOME website I just found today


Do As One


This awesome website has web apps where you can enter ‘global breathing rooms’ and synchronize your breath with others ones from across the world! It has some nifty options where you can change your color (focus on different chakras) change the background sounds, images, and intention. This app is awesome and I highly recommend you check it out!


One Peace, One Love


The Power of Breath

Breathe in,

We all do this thousands of times a day, and mostly unconsciously. Something so essential, so basic, so simple is yet EXTREMELY important! The breath is central to all aspects of your life, and with mastery (yes it is a skill like anything else) you will see HUGE transformations in your life in positive directions. With control of the breath you are able to enter into your heart completely and be in a state of true unconditional love. It is also a huge factor in meditation and yoga? Why is this? Well when you breathe you allow prana to enter your body and fill you up with what is essential to life and being one with the universe. Most of us live in a state of breathing happens automatically, no need to think about it and move on. With this, most of us just breathe into our necks and this is wrong. You want to focus on breathing deep into your body, imagine filling up the bottom of your lungs or below the stomach. If you focus breathing completely to fill these spaces up you are bringing more prana into your life and connecting with the universe at an even greater level. This is why the breath is so important in yoga, meditation, and countless other spiritual practices.

  • Slow down, breathing is about enjoying life, its not a race
  • Focus on controlling your breath and bringing it into the core of your body (you can put a hand above your beltline if you want, this can help you focus on where to bring the air to)
  • Breathe in deeply and consistently for 5 seconds (you can do less or more, with practice you should be able to increase this number)
  • Breathe out deeply and consistently for 5 seconds (or an equal amount of time to your inhale)
  • Focus on doing this as much as possible, before bed, in class, your walk home, there really is no limit, you are just breathing properly.
  • With enough practice and consistency, this will become second nature so you don’t have to consciously remember to breathe properly, give it time and practice, it will come
  • Remember, this is about reconnecting with your core self, this is MUCH easier with good breathing habits, and with practice I’m positive you will find focusing your breath will help you in ways you didn’t even think possible

Hope this helps, remember we are all One!

One Peace, One Love